Yasmin Kheraj

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Yasmin is well known for her dedication to service excellence. Her clients will attest to the fact that she is a friendly, unpretentious clinical aesthetician with 26+years of experience. Having graduated with a cosmetology diploma from long Island Beauty school in 1982 she has dedicated herself to the field of beauty culture.

  • Threading since 1970.
  • Cosmetology License – New York 1982
  • International Business – Richmond College Dallas Texas 1998.
  • Smart Peel Microdermabrasion Training. – Vista Medical Southwest & Soundskin Inc.
  • Diploma D’Hydradermie from Laboratoire Guinot Jean-Daniel Mondin – Paris .
  • Advanced Esthetiics Education – Le Marquise; Pevonia Houston Texas .
  • Retention Hyperkeratosis New Perspectives on acne – M D Formulations.
  • Ultra-Precision Lift-Defense treatment – Beaute Institut Sothys.
  • Intradermal Cosmetic Technician – American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics Dallas Texas .
  • Advanced Intradermal Cosmetic Technician – – American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics Dallas Texas .
  • Continuing Aesthetic Education _ M. D. Formulations. San Diego CA .
  • Many Needs – One Solution – Guinot Institut Paris.
  • Top Five Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures Educational Symposium – Eclipse Medical Ltd. DermaMed Inc. Lumenis Ltd.
  • In – Service training Certification on EpiLight System – Eclipse Medical Ltd
  • Laser Applications and Safety – Altus Long Pulse Nd : Yag
  • Chemical Peel Training _ Physician’s Choice of Arizona Inc.
  • Confidently Treating Sensitized Skin – Dermalogica
  • Skin Care Technologies and Procedures – Jan Marini Skin Research Inc. Houston Texas .
  • Advanced Medical Aesthetics Training. Dr. Ben Johnson President – Advanced Medical Aesthetics Institute
  • Comprehensive Chemical Peel training – CosMedix
  • Epi-Dermal Leveling and Peel Training – CosMedix
  • Mineralogics Workshop – CosMedix
  • Boot Camp Training – CosMedix.

Our skin condition philosophy is in total agreement with Dr. Ben Johnson a pioneer in Chiral Correction in the skincare industry and a world renouned speaker.

These are his thoughts:


While the skin is very complicated, there are some simple but very important concepts that should be understood before buying skincare products. Remember that the skin is an advanced organ working 24 hours a day for your entire life to maintain itself in the best state possible. While it seems to work against your (cosmetic) desires when it creates rashes, acne, hyperpigmentation, redness or whatever, it is, in fact, doing its best to perform at optimal levels in the conditions that you created in your body.

What may seem baffling at times is that every mole, spot, bump, and/or scale is in a very specific spot on your body based on numerous conditions. These include your mental state (stress, anger, guilt, hatred all negatively impact your skin and body health), environmental influences (bad lighting, excessive sun exposure, pollution, poor water quality, damaging skin products), and diet which we believe to be the biggest contributor next to stress.

No one part of your body acts independently with another. That is why many systemic diseases have associated skin abnormalities. The reason this concept is so important is that it is not a generally accepted view from our medical community and therefore the approach to skin conditions is flawed. Rather than addressing the causes of these problems, we are usually addressing symptoms like redness, flaking or swelling. This philosophy has permeated our society; “acne…take antibiotics”,“redness…try a steroid…or maybe a laser treatment”. The assumption is that the skin is acting out of control, that it has disassociated itself from the rest of the body and only we know how to control it. WRONG! Most skin conditions are side effects of a bigger problem elsewhere in the body.

Why is this so important? If you knew that the skin was acting appropriately, would you try to damage it more to attain a SHORT TERM cosmetically (but not physiologically) improved appearance? Let us use a few examples to illustrate the madness; 1) Acne is 99% related to poor colon health yet a primary treatment for acne is antibiotics (one of the colon’s biggest toxins, 2) Rosacea’s red and inflamed skin results in dramatic thinning of the dermis and yet one of the most popular treatments for it is laser collapse of the very capillaries that are trying to heal and repair that dermis. We even burn our skin with acids and lasers to try to make them better or inject toxins into it to paralyze the activity in that area. Is our society working with the skin? We think not. Skincare should be a partnership not a military offensive.

So what do you need to know about the skin to make intelligent choices? The most beneficial ingredients do one of three things; increase circulation (the skin’s only source of food/nutrients/immune cells/building block materials), stimulate fibroblast activity (the only way to make collagen, elastin, GAG’s needed to rebuild/repair the skin), and provide antioxidants to help neutralize the 24hr a day attack on our cells from free radicals. The focus is finally moving away from traumatizing your skin to get a response but here are numerous treatments that work against your skin; lasers that collapse numerous vessels in your skin at one time, acids that damage/immunosuppress the skin and provide no longterm benefit, free radical makers (they worsen the free radical load in your skin) like benzoyl peroxide, artificial sunscreens, hydroquinone, and immunosupressors like antibiotics and steroids that may look like they have a benefit because redness declines temporarily, but ultimately thin and damage the skin.

So celebrate your skin’s imperfections because you know that it is telling you to look deeper. Consider it a warning sign. Do not punish the messenger, support it. The idea behind Osmosis is that we work with the skin. We add to the antioxidants that work best in that environment, we add to the retinaldehyde the skin uses to rebuild itself (potent stimulator of fibroblasts)
without creating more damage, we increase the circulation where others try to suppress it because we know that the more circulation in an area, the more benefits and remodeling occur.