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About Salon Suites of America

The Salon Suite concept has revolutionized the way the Salon industry operates. Gone are the days of open floor plans and everyone working in a communal space at the owners beck and call. The concept is quickly gaining momentum, already in the nations most prestigious locations; the Salon Suite concept is now the venue of choice for beauty professionals. In this exploding field we have successfully extracted the absolute best aspects while learning and improving on the mistakes of others in order to build the most ideal situation to let your business grow.

Salon Suites Of America offers exclusive, fully equipped, furnished, Salon Suites ready for independent operation without the large capital requirement and associated risk of opening a traditional Salon. Our mission is to provide high-quality, individual salon suites enabling beauty professionals to successfully own and operate their businesses, therefore maximizing their profits.

A substantial improvement on the more traditional Salon, Salon Suites Of America allows you to become our customer, rather than our employee. This creates a professional and mutually beneficial working environment for both of us, allowing you to have your cake, and eat it too.

The most crucial thing for a Salon Professional is to be able to serve their clientele in an upscale, professional environment, that is also in a strategic, and convenient location for them and you. This is perhaps the single best thing Salon Suites Of America has to offer you. Our brand new location will be approximately 5 miles from both the Mall of GA as well as the prestigious Hamilton Mill area. We are on the cusp of the cities of Lawrenceville, Dacula, & Buford. You simply can not get a better, more convenient location than this, and our future locations, currently under discussion, will be in similar, highly visible areas.

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    I would love to know when you get to lawrenceville GA. Please contact me!


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